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The world of work changes quickly and both organisations and individuals need to stay up-to-speed if they want to thrive. GFL enables employee work readiness and engagement through strategic learning and content design, ensuring that you are equipped to adapt and grow as your business needs change. We partner with you to design and develop the right solution for your environment. Whether it’s a semi-digitised induction programme, a fully online learning solution, or an employee engagement campaign, we are passionate about using our expertise to ignite life-long learners that can add value no matter where they sit in your organisation.



We understand that a best-fit solution also fits the budget. Our solutions take cost into consideration so that we can build for internal efficiency and offer a payment approach that suits your business needs.



Our multi-disciplinary studio is passionate about creating engaging and impactful content. We are always looking for new ways to bring ideas to life in a way that keeps the audience coming back.  



With our roots in management consulting, we are proud of the relationships that we have built with our clients and the solutions that we have implemented over the years. We draw on our experiences in industries like instructional design, marketing, EdTech, and finance to inform our work and processes.


User centered

We believe that any solution should start with understanding the user. This knowledge helps us tailor the content, the technology and the strategy to their unique needs. It is this focus that ensures that users are motivated and engaged throughout the process, which translates to better results and greater impact. 


Our projects generally start with a business needs analysis and requirements elicitation. This is serious business that is done in a not-too-serious and interactive way. We have designed a series of collaborative sessions that leverage design thinking practices to ensure that we understand your business needs and are able to design the best solution for your context.


Once we’ve mapped out the solution, we roll up our sleeves and start getting into the detail. We engage with your subject matter experts to create outcomes-based learning and content plans, ensuring that the designed solution meets your business needs.


This is when all the thinking and planning becomes reality. Our teams film videos, author learning content, design graphics, and build it all online, so that your users can start their learning journey.


We’d love to know how we can support you with your learning and content needs. You can contact us directly or fill out the form below.


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